How to solve Galau in Your Life

Nowadays, most of the teenagers and adults feel confusion or galau in bahasa. Most of them share their feeling in social networking like facebook and twitter. A piece of words are exposed in your account, a thousand of questions is kept in your heart and then confusion or galau spread out and infect to other. Confusion or galau is a feeling that can be caused by their feeling of lonely or having problems thatâ??s hard to solve it. They didnâ??t have any friends to share with.

Confusion or galau can make us frustration. They can do the bad things to solve their galau like using drugs and do the criminal. So, whatâ??s the solution for us to avoid the confusion or galau?. There are some tips to solve confusion or galau in your life :

Keep in touch with the God

God is the only one solution in our life. Believing everythings happened in our life is to make us more patient and always remember God. By praying and reading Al Qurâ??an (for moslem), we can feel so calm and comfort.

Be positive thinking

Stop to blame yourself, because it can make you give up to try something. Be positive thinking and keep smile. Showing to other that the problem can be solved.

Have the dreams

By having dreams, your life will be more meaningful and you have the motivations to make your dream comes true.

Do the useful activities

By doing the activities, we can focus to our activities and itâ??s very useful to avoid the feeling of lonely. So, you can enjoy your life.

Eat the favourite food

One of the research said that chew the food can make the circulation of your blood working. The galauwers can be relax and can forget the problem in a moment. But remember, donâ??t eat too much, because it doesnâ??t good for your body. Drinking the pure water can make make your brain fresh and help the metabolism of your body.

Having a holiday

After you have busy activities, you have to take rest in home or have a holiday with your friends or family. Having holiday can make you feel fresh and ready to do other activities and of course you can find inspiration

Finding new friends

Finding friends is one of solution, you can find friends by using social networking.
Those of the tips can solve the confusion or galau in your life. In this life, we must have the purpose to avoid galau. Remember that we life in this world is not alone. If we have the problem, we can share our problem to our family and friends, especially God never let us alone, and He always gives the best thing for us.

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